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GlobaLPOS Solutions Inc.


Receipt Dot Matrix Printer
The GP-300 is an ideal printer of point-of-sale. It has a graphics capability with high-speed printing with seek method. The resident data buffer has a storage capacity of 4K bytes. Auto cutter included and Esc/pos command compatible. It provides interface RS-232c or centronics or USB by optional. Include mark sensor.


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Power Supply 24V DC / 48W / 1.8A, Peak 4A
Printer Mode 9 pin Serial Dot Matrix
Printing Direction Bi-Directional and seek method
Printing Speed Approx. 5 lines / seconds
Fast Feed Speed 34 lines / second
Number of Columns 42/21 Columns
Dimensions (WxDxH) 148(W) x 246(D) x 136(H) mm
Paper Width 76.2 (+/-) 0.7 mm and dia 85.0 mm
Paper Thickness 0.06 - 0.085 mm per one sheet
Pressure Sensitive Paper one original + one copy paper, total paper thickness 0.2 mm maximum
Ink Ribbon Type- NH37701, color - purple, life 3,000,000 characters
MTBF Head 150 million character, 10 million lines, cutter, 500,00 cut times
Drawer Kick Out 24V DC
Interface RS-232 centronics, USB (by option)
Operating Temp. 0 - 50 c, Humidity - 20% - 85%
Storage Temp. 0 - 55 c, Humidity - 10% 85%